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The ideal solution for houses being built

The Technobox series rises from the need to arrange a “safe-housing” still while the house is being built. In such a way the following masonry and wall finishing works can be avoided. In fact Techno-box consists of two separate parts, box and safe, which can be bought separately. Fastening the safe into the box is quite easy and greatly solid thanks to the four strong prearranged pins.

Range series

Characteristics of the range

  • Made of properly thick steel sheet with side supports.
  • Anti-tearing fastening fins on the 4 bottom sides.
  • Strong internal pins for safe fixing.
  • Painting in epoxy powder.

Safe characteristics:
The safes have front panel and door in special one-piece steel construction with a thickness of 10 mm., produced by means of a “High-Tech” Laser Cutting System

BGK Series: High security lock EN 1300 certified, with 8 asymmetrical levers and double-bitted key (EVO-LOCK).

BGT Series: Digital electronic lock EN 1300 certified.