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Selection guide

A Technomax safe is a unique choice for design and innovation:
new materials and cutting edge solutions always offering the ideal product for specific needs; a safe that can meet the highest standards of security, functionality and adaptability.

Technomax safes certified by ICIM according to european standards EN 14450 and EN 1143-1, have passed specific attack test at Giordano Institute in Bellaria therefore offfer a high standard of security for the customer with various locking systems:


- key lock: practical and easy to use

- key lock and 3 counters combination

- mechanical combination with personal code

- digital electronic combination lock (certified), with personal code

With the constant research of cutting edge solutions in the area of security of its products, the safes certified EN 14450 and EN 1143-1 made by Technomax in key version and key plus 3 counters combination, are equiped with the new Evo-lock system, especially designed to offer exceptional resistance to assaults with special picklocks.
the 2 keys are accompanied with a numbered ownership card for controlled duplication of the key.

Watch the video | Technomax youtube