06 January 2016

The question of security applied to the custody of belongings and valuables is always a spotlight topic. Thieves are ever more specialized in techniques for opening security apparatus without breaching.
The constant research for new solutions and the will to always be leader within the scope of the security of its products, TECHNOMAX has upgraded the double-bitted locks of its EN 14450 certified safes with the new EVO-LOCK locks.

EVO-LOCK, the latest generation of EN 1300 certified high security locks with 8 asymmetrical indipendent levers. It is based upon the use of new, antipicking oscillating levers and mentonnet with special profile, to oppose exceptional resistance to assaults with the latest sophisticated tamper systems using special picklocks.
The 2 new profile double-bitted keys for the new EVO-LOCK lock, are supplied with a numbered ownership card for a controlled duplication of the key.


05 January 2016

The new series of wall safes named "UNICA" incorporate an innovative protection system which Technomax have named "Diamantech" enabling the safes to be certified according to EN 1143-1, european standard regarding professional use of safes.The new innovative protection system "diamantech" offers high resistance againts attacks by cutting discs.
In order to have passed to European standard test the safes where subjected to a burglary simulation using sledge hammer,drill and blowtorch etc..