Hotel Line

Everything to ensure safety and comfort even away from home. We offer a wide range of safes and minibars for the hospitality sector. Check out our suggestions!


The Hotel Safe Line, thanks to its complete range of products, offers an effective application not only for hotels but also for:


  • Tourist village
  • Residential hotels
  • Cruise ships
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Campers
  • Caravans


See our proposals about safes for hotels.

Reception Line

Within our Hotel Line Technomax offers a wide range of Reception safes


See our proposals about safes for reception.


Technomax presents the Minibar TECHNOFROST line, of the hotel sector. The new generation of thermoelectric minibar in energy class A+ and the absorption minibar are therefore silent and efficient, and are characterised by excellent quality and advanced technology, which guarantees optimum reliability.

Various models are proposed, in order to meet all the demands of the hotel:

  • Built-in version
  • Free-standing version
  • Versions with glass door
  • Wood furniture unit with minibar.

Stylish and modern, easy installation and easy to clean. The whole production process of the minibar is subject to the highest quality control and they are all tested individualy. 

See our catalogue for the minibar.